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“Beckham”: Up close and personal with a football legend

The Netflix documentary series "Beckham" quickly became an international success when it launched in the fall of 2023. The series provides a unique insight into the life of football icon David Beckham, revealing a more private and vulnerable side than we have ever seen before. Through the series, viewers are taken on a journey through the highs and lows of his career and life, from his complicated relationship with his father and the first meeting with pop star wife Posh Spice, to the unfiltered story of how the former Manchester United star went from being England's most popular man to becoming the most hated.

But the series not only paints a fascinating portrait of a football legend; it also offers a captivating depiction of an era and a sport. Through rich archival material and exclusive sources from Beckham's inner circles, the documentary provides a nostalgic glimpse into the popular culture of the 90s and 2000s. Additionally, it offers a remarkably candid portrayal of the football environment from an insider's perspective.

The producer and director of the documentary is Fisher Stevens, perhaps best known as an actor in a variety of films and TV series, most recently in the hit series "Succession." However, he has gathered great recognition as both a producer and director of numerous award-winning documentaries in the past few years. 

We are thrilled to have Stevens join us at the Nordic Media Days. He will share insights into his work on "Beckham," and reveal the methods he used to get some of the world's biggest sports stars like Eric Cantona, Ronaldo, Diego Simeone, and Sir Alex Ferguson to open up in front of the camera. He will also share his experience collaborating with David Beckham, who himself was one of the producers of the series.

Welcome to an exclusive insight into one of this year's biggest documentary series!


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