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Meet our new Head of Program, Vivi Stenberg!

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What are you looking forward to the most in your new role as the Head of Program for the Nordic Media Days?

"I am greatly looking forward to working with the people who make up the program committee, representing so many fields within our industry. After working in TV for a long time now, I'm excited to lift my gaze and survey the entire Norwegian (and international) media industry to find the most important, exciting, and innovative individuals and themes for next year's NMD."

What characterizes a good program?

"A good NMD program should tick many boxes simultaneously. It should feel relevant and important to you as a participant. And you should be left feeling truly inspired; you should have learned something new, preferably something you can apply to your job at the earliest opportunity. You should attend sessions that provoke or surprise, and you should walk away with a lot of new input that you're eager to discuss with your neighbor on the way out of the session. (Phew, now I felt the pressure!)"

Which celebrity booking would you like to see on stage during the Nordic Media Days 2024?

"There are so many I would love to see on that stage! But it's hard to ignore that it would be, what should we call it? Interesting to get Elon Musk to Bergen. I would love to try to get into his mind and understand how he has thought about the purchase and operation of X (formerly Twitter) and what his plans are for the platform going forward.

And after just watching Deeyah Khan's new documentary about violent men, I really want to see her in an in-depth session about interview techniques and source handling.

I have a nasty tendency to get stuck in an eternal loop of cat- and food-related content."

— I have a bad tendency to get stuck for far too long in an endless reel loop of cat- and food-related content.

What is your best memory as a delegate at Nordic Media Days?

"For someone who has worked as a content producer in various newsrooms, coming to NMD and being able to lean back and just let my head be filled with that good mix of inspiration, new perspectives, and important conversations has been absolutely magical!"

What is your media-related guilty pleasure?

"Are there media-related things that are 'guilty'? No, I have many weaknesses, including a nasty tendency to get stuck in an eternal loop of cat- and food-related content.

It also doesn't cost me much to binge-watch a season or two of Love is Blind on Netflix! It seems like the creators have just the right cynical relationship with the cast while creating totally addictive dramaturgy.

Otherwise, I'm a bit too focused on maintaining a good Wordle streak, so rarely does a day go by without me spending too much time trying to outsmart the New York Times' WordleBot."

If you had to choose: which reality show would you participate in?

"Easy! Since I'm the world's biggest wimp when it comes to physical activities – ruling out many brilliant reality shows – put me on MasterChef or Camp Culinaris, and I'll win the whole thing!"