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New podcast-episode featuring "The Watch"

LIVE from NMD: Predicting the future of streaming with America's best TV-podcast!

Skjermbilde 2024 05 28 kl 14 43 08

"The Watch" is a popular podcast by self-professed “pop-culture addicts” Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald, produced by The Ringer. For 12 years, this duo has dissected television with a sharper edge and more humour than anyone else in the industry.

On their weekly show, they discuss current TV series, highlight trends in storytelling, and give listeners a broader perspective on the streaming industry.

In conversation with Asbjørn Slettemark, Chris and Andy will provide insights into what we can learn from the biggest hit series of the last decades, which strategies the streaming giants are betting on now, and how this affects our viewing habits going forward.