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Archive: 2023

AI Forensics: What to do when algorithms rule the world?

Being able to monitor and expose the algorithms that control our lives is absolutely central to our time. Director of AI Forensics, Marc Faddoul, has carried out research on algorithmic systems in academia (UC Berkeley), big tech (Facebook AI) and start-up environments (Bloom, Jalgos). He is using his broad technological background to uncover harmful algorithms and demand transparency and ethical recommendation systems.

Marc Faddoul has investigated how, in an ethical way, algorithms can be used to determine whether a defendant should be placed in detention before their trial. He has uncovered Tiktok's biased filter bubbles and exposed how Tiktok gave Putin a tailor-made platform full of propaganda.
He is now working on YouChoose.ai, a plug-in enabling users and content creators to choose and control their recommendations on YouTube. The long-term goal for YouChoose is to be a platform for recommender systems, empowering users to pick an accountable algorithm aligned with their own interests.

At Nordic Media Days, Faddoul will give us his key takeaways from working with algorithms. He will discuss what we need to know and what we should be worried about. Which decisions can artificial intelligences make for us, and when should we object?

Time and place:

  • Friday, 10:00am–10:40am
  • Dovregubben



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