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Learn from America's best podcast producers

  • NMD Masterclass

In an increasingly crowded podcast landscape, it can be challenging to create something that fascinates and surprises an audience.

In this masterclass, we’ll explore the art of audio storytelling – from structuring your show, to conducting captivating interviews, to capturing compelling field tape. We’ll also draw on our own experiences – both successes and failures – to share larger conceptual lessons in audio storytelling. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or a seasoned pro, this masterclass will provide you with tools and insights to help you create great audio stories.  

We’ll walk through questions like: ‘What makes a great podcast?’ Or ‘How do I go from a good story to a great podcast series?’ We’ll unpack the tools of good tape, reliable storyboarding practices, as well as the nuts and bolts of audio production and composition. 

1. The Big Picture - What do I need to make a great podcast?

Conceptually and practically: What do I want to make? How do I find the story? What is my show really about? What do I want the show to sound like when people hit play? What’s the thing that makes my story ideal for the medium of audio?

2. What isGood Tape” and how to get it?

We’ll walk through the essential building blocks in making a great show, including compelling field tape, active interview questions and narrative writing. 

3. Audio storytelling Tools

How to embrace the best that audio medium has to offer from storyboarding to composition. We’ll walk through the different production and narrative techniques that give a story - whether a news report, an arts feature or an investigative documentary - its movement, its pacing and its impact. 

4. Best Practices from process to innovation

The invaluable tips and tricks that have helped us over the past decade: from how to organize your big ideas and audio files to how to fight your own political bias and how to keep from getting creatively stagnant. 

Practical info: 

🗓 Date: 27. October
🕛 Time: 11:30 am - 4 pm
💰Price: NOK 3.350,-
📍Place: Vega Scene, Oslo

Sign up here: https://nordiske-mediedager.ho...

Time and place:

  • Friday, 11:30am–4:00pm
  • Vega Scene, Oslo

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