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"Taskmaster" - How to create an international comedy success?

"Taskmaster" is a playful and irreverent hit show on Discovery/TVNorge currently in its ninth season. However, the comedy panel show hasn't only struck a chord with Nordic viewers; The original British format, "Taskmaster", produced by Avalon, has been sold worldwide and become a global phenomenon as well as having won prestigious awards like BAFTA and National Comedy Awards, and received EMMY-nominations.

In this session you will get the story of how the successful format came to be from the very creator of "Taskmaster": comedian Alex Horne! He provides a unique insight into how the format evolved from its modest beginnings as a live show during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to becoming one of the most significant international unscripted comedy successes of recent times.

Horne will share his experiences from developing the format and reveal some of the secrets behind this unique series. Is there a recipe for the success of "Taskmaster"? How does Horne and the creators renew the format to maintain audience interest? What changes do they allow when the format crosses borders, and what can we expect from upcoming seasons?

Join this session of pure inspiration!

Time and place:

  • Friday, 12:45pm–1:45pm
  • Dovregubben

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