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Vivi Stenberg

Vivi Stenberg has been named as Head of Programming for The Nordic Media Days and will commence medio-June.

Stenberg currently holds the position as Executive Producer at the Entertainment and Events department at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where she has also worked as a reporter, content editor and chief producer in various departments and productions. Recently, Stenberg produced both seasons of the acclaimed documentary series “UXA – Thomas Seltzer’s America”, and she has also been at the helm of one of the most popular and longest-running entertainment talk shows, “Lindmo”. In 2020 Stenberg developed and produced “The Feast after the Fast”, which was the first time a Western broadcaster aired a live entertainment show celebrating the Muslim holiday id al-fitr.

In addition to these and other large entertainment productions, Stenberg has worked for NRK News producing election coverage there, as well as music and arts programs at NRK P3 and Culture respectively.

Vivi Stenberg holds a degree in journalism from Arizona State University. She worked as a news journalist in the U.S. for an additional four years prior to returning to her native Norway.

Foto: Julia Marie Naglestad

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