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Partners in responsibility: How YouTube and the news industry work together

Welcome to lunch with YouTube! Enjoy a free snack and drink and hear how YouTube works with the News industry. 

YouTube is reached by 2 billion people every month, who come to the app to be entertained, learn a new skill, or learn about the world around them. With so many viewers, YouTube has a responsibility to surface high quality news and information, and partners with the news industry to engage with new audiences. 

In this session, hear directly from YouTube about how they work with the news industry to help raise their content to new audiences and build a more sustainable industry for everyone involved.

This session is a part of our SIDETRACK program. 

Time and place:

  • Friday, 12:10pm–12:30pm
  • Klokkeklang


Skjermbilde 2024 04 19 kl 14 00 36

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