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Esther Solomon

Esther Solomon is the editor-in-chief of Haaretz English, the English-language website and print edition of Israel’s key liberal newspaper. She was born and raised in London and studied English literature at the University of Cambridge and international relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, moving to Israel in 1998.

After working as a political researcher, strategic consultant, and freelance writer, she arrived at Haaretz in 2006. There, she established Haaretz English’s opinion section a decade ago and became editor-in-chief in 2022. Since then, she has led Haaretz English's coverage of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's attack on the judiciary and Israel's pro-democracy protest movement, as well as the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

She writes regularly on subjects ranging from Netanyahu, Elon Musk and the far right to Bosnian genocide denial and Palestinian refugees.

Esther Solomon head shot

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