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Haaretz - critical journalism against a government at war

The day after Hamas’ bloody attack on Israel on October 7, the newspaper Haaretz held Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responsible for Israel's lack of preparedness, for which the attack's victims “paid the price."

During the brutal war in Gaza that followed, Haaretz has continued their critical journalism against the government, to the extent that the Minister of Communications wanted to punish the newspaper because it was "sabotaging Israel in wartime" and was an "inflammatory mouthpiece for Israel’s enemies."

What is it like to conduct critical journalism against the government when your country is at war? What reactions does Haaretz get from Israeli readers and its international audience for its editorial line? And to what extent does international media coverage influence the public debate in the country?

Editor-in-chief of Haaretz English, Esther Solomon, joins the Nordic Media Days to talk about the challenges the newspaper is facing in this difficult time - and her thoughts on what comes after the war. 

Time and place:

  • Friday, 9:00am–9:40am
  • Peer Gynt



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