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Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight has been working in the computer and video game industry for over 25 years, beginning as a producer at Activision, and having worked as an executive producer or general manager/studio head at major publishers including EA, Zynga, and Warner Bros. Interactive.

He has been a production or creative leader on a number of major game franchises, including «The Sims», «Harry Potter: Wizards Unite», «The Simpsons Game», «FarmVille», «Words With Friends», and «DC Comics». At EA, he was the creative force behind the blockbuster game «Dante’s Inferno», overseeing the game’s story, development, and trans-media projects, including a comic book series, an animated feature, and the action figure.

Jonathan lives in California, and is currently the general manager of Games for The New York Times, operating and empowering the team that brings daily joy to puzzle solvers around the world with games like Wordle, Spelling Bee, and the legendary New York Times Crossword.

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