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NYTimes Games’ puzzling way to revenue increase

Wordle, Spelling Bee, Connections and the rest of The New York Times’ games were played a staggering 8 billion times last year! The New York Times Games section has not only boosted advertising and subscription revenue but also secured a top-ranking app, millions of players every day, and a loyalty unprecedented in legendary paper’s history.

How did they achieve such success? How do they make a community around all their products, and how do players transition from gaming to actively consuming news as subscribers? Bundling products is expected to be a major industry focus in 2024, and who better to learn from than head of Games at NYT, Jonathan Knight?

In this inspiring session, he will share experiences, talk about what his Games-team is currently working on, and discuss how you can apply the success they have had with games to other products.

Time and place:

  • Thursday, 3:00pm–3:40pm
  • Peer Gynt


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