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The Aarebrot-conversation 2023: Democracy under pressure

Free elections and democracy are the very foundation of our liberal world order. However, the looming threat of illiberal leaders being elected could prove to be the harbinger of democracy's slow and agonizing demise. By the end of the year, the geopolitical landscape will be changed in favor of authoritarian states. The rise of anti-liberal and nationalist populist forces is challenging our democracies from within while authoritarian states seek to destabilize us from the outside.

What does this mean for the balance of power and stability in the world? What does it mean for international cooperation? How is freedom of speech threatened in a time of fake news, disinformation, and digital echo chambers, and how can we safeguard the principles of free speech while also amplifying the voices of the marginalized and oppressed?
Amidst the gloom and doom that threatens democracy, we search for a glimmer of hope. Are there any signs that can alleviate the pessimism that is easy to feel on behalf of our democracies? And how solid are exactly democracies here in the Nordic countries?

For this year's Aarebrot-conversation, we have gathered three eminent experts to discuss and dissect the precarious fate of democracy in these turbulent times. Join us as we seek to understand the ominous fate of democracy and how we can work towards a better future.

Time and place:

  • Friday, 12:45pm–1:45pm
  • Peer Gynt

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