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A President, Europe and War - Documenting the exercise of power

Days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the French president Emmanuel Macron made a phone call to President Vladimir Putin, hoping to convince him not to go to war. This is one of many historical moments captured by Guy Lagache in his documentary A president, Europe and war.

The documentary follows president Macron and his councils in the days leading up to the outbreak of war and threw the first four months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The documentary portrays a unique outlook on world leaders’ diplomatic assessment and decision-making during Europe’s biggest crisis since the World War 2.

Journalist and director Guy Lagache gets exceptional close to president Macron and his team. Through his work, we get access to important historical events, and confidential conversations between Macron and world leaders such as Boris Johnson, Volodymyr Zelenskyj, Mario Draghi and Olaf Scholz.

At the Nordic Media Days Guy Lagache will talk about the process of making this documentary, giving us an exclusive behind the scenes look on the production, and reveal how he gained the trust that gave him this unique access.

Time and place:

  • Thursday, 9:00am–9:40am
  • Peer Gynt


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