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Somebody Somewhere: Extraordinary about the ordinary

In the constant stream of content in the tv-series universe, sometimes a rare and unpolished gem shows up. The HBO award winning series “Somebody Somewhere” is exactly that. A pretty irresistible charmer of a story about real and fallible human beings. The series brings us to Kansas, where we meet the mournful and witty Sam, and her family and friends who all have their personal challenges. This is unpolished, original, funny, warm and touching. A history about people who didn´t seem to know they needed one another, told through the art of solid storytelling. The series was rated amongst the 10 best series by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten last year. Now, the second season is finally here!

Behind the series is the creating and writing team, Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen who have written the show especially for the series´ great star, comedian, singer and actress, Bridget Everett.

We are extremely excited and honored to present all three of them at the Nordic Media Days. They will talk about how they have worked developing the wonderful script, how they have balanced humor and seriousness and the characters´ vulnerability with great comic relief. And not the least; How to make great television drama of the small, big things in life.

Time and place:

  • Thursday, 10:00am–10:40am
  • Peer Gynt

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