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The Last of Us

Making a tv-series of one of the most iconic computer games ever? How is that even possible? Acclaimed by the critics and loved by the fans: HBO´s monster-hit, The Last of Us, has masterfully proved it really works! One reason could be that the game from 2013 carries a wonderful dramatic story as its core.

The series creators Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (Last of video game) have created a human and moving drama that moves beyond the post-apocalyptic doomsday and scary zombies, with engaging characters, emotional depths, a fascinating universe, excitement and lots of action. And then there is episode #3! Bill & Frank. Never have we ever seen a more beautiful love story told on a screen.

Nordic Media Days proudly presents the series editor, Timothy Good. Timothy has a background in producing and directing as well as editing, and will talk about this very special work on The Last of Us, as part of the team that took it from a computer game to a television drama. He will discuss the complex characters, dramaturgy, the fragmented universe and the existential themes of the story. What choices did Timothy and the team make to reshape this remarkable story into one of the best television series ever seen?  

We are super excited to present Timothy to the Nordic media community!

Time and place:

  • Friday, 2:00pm–2:40pm
  • Peer Gynt

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