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The rise of far-right populism and how to cover it?

Europe 2019 appears chaotic, conflicted, and divided. Populist movements wash over the continent, the Brits are (maybe) getting ready to crash out of the EU after a chaotic Brexit process, and America under Trump is turning its back on Europe. In Hungary and Poland, democracy is under pressure. To many observers it looks like Europe is falling apart right in front of our eyes. This is the dark backdrop looming behind the election to the European parliament on May 23rd. The election may turn out to be one of the most important in our lifetime.

How do we face this? What happens when legacy media gets challenged by new actors, who can disseminate disinformation, propaganda, and fake news almost without restrain via social media? How should we report on the far-right? To what extent are we, collectively, played and manipulated by powerful propaganda experts, such as Steve Bannon.

These are all questions Associated Editor at the Guardian, Paul Lewis has been involved in for years. We are very excited to present his work, unique insight and experience at this year´s Nordic Media Festival.


Skjermbilde 2023 06 22 kl 10 06 01

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