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From Jason Bourne to Andor: the many layers of Tony Gilroy’s universes

What does it take to craft a groundbreaking new political thriller within the legendary “Star Wars”-universe? When Disney+ released the first season of “Andor” in 2022, it not only captivated critics, but quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its nuanced exploration of rebellion, courage, moral ambiguity, and unparalleled world-building.

The series’ success is much due to the fact that showrunner Tony Gilroy had already written (and later directed) the “Bourne” film franchise, penned one of the most lauded political thrillers ever in “Michael Clayton”, and worked on the movie to which “Andor” is a prequel, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.

Tony is now hard at work on season two of “Andor”, and we are very fortunate that he is taking a rare break to join us at Nordic Media Days! Here he will share how to build a captivating new world within an existing franchise, as well as his thoughts on the challenges of writing, crafting and executing the second chapter of one of the most anticipated series right now!

Don't miss this unique chance to hear from one of the greats in television and film, right here at Nordic Media Days!

Time and place:

  • Friday, 4:00pm–4:40pm
  • Peer Gynt

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