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Behind the scenes at The Morning Show

Nobody knows morning television better than the Americans and The Morning Show took us right into the lives of the people who helps America wake up in the morning. With the series we got a glimpse behind the scenes to this smiley and friendly television show. But there was something rotten behind the glossy façade.

The first season tells the drama on the UBA network, when anchor and it-girl Alex Levy´s on-air partner of 15 years, Mitch Kessler, is fired amidst a sexual misconduct scandal. And for us watching, we´ve probably never experienced the complex of #metoo better told. Not just the brutal fall and the fate of show-host Mitch, but even more so the consequences it implied for his victim and everyone around him, when the entire working environment is heading for a melt-down.

The series is inspired by (former) CNN's Brian Stelter's book "Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV”, but is in no way a documentary. Extraordinary performances by stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon have led the way in this meta-production of an EMMY-winner.

And behind it all: the acclaimed end experienced showrunner Kerry Ehrin. We are extremely excited that she is joining the Nordic Media Days to talk about how she has worked developing the show through two seasons, the writing, the characters, the storyline - and what choices she and the team has made along the way. And of course: What it has been to work with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood?

Time and place:

  • Friday, 9:00am–9:40am
  • Peer Gynt



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